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Community Roundtable Background

In August 2016 a group of community stakeholders from the Shire of Irwin came together to explore the potential for establishing a representative Community Roundtable to:

In total, six community workshops were conducted between August 2016 and November 2017.

Community Roundtable

The Shire of Irwin Community Roundtable aimed to provide a clear line of communication for a range of MEPAU (AWE) activities in the Mid West (especially the Waitsia Gas Project) between local community members, Traditional Owners, landowners, local business, government, local not-for-profit groups and MEPAU (AWE), as well as each other.

Topics for Discussion

Topics for discussion were identified and prioritised by roundtable participants. This led to a number of subject matter experts presenting at each session. Each roundtable workshop generated a series of questions, answers and commitments. At the request of the community, progress against answering Q&A and commitments was tracked from meeting to meeting (download here).


* Trust and respect between participants were key components of the Community Roundtable

* Community Roundtable provided a non-threatening environment

* Process was inclusive and not divisive


MEPAU (AWE) sponsored the independent facilitator of the roundtable workshops and welcomed contributions from other stakeholders. In-kind support was provided by the Shire of Irwin through making staff and the venue available. Workshop participants donated their time to attend.

Future workshops

Additional workshops may be held in the future depending on the community interest.


Copies of the workshop notes and supplemental information can be found in the download area to the right of this page.

Wise use:

The information contained in the workshop notes (refer across) are intended to reflect the key points discussed at the workshop and should be taken in this spirit.

NB: MEPAU took over AWE in May 2018.

Workshop 1 (16 August 2016)


Workshop 2 (26 October 2016 )

Workshop 4 (16 February 2017)

Workshop 5 (10 May 2017)

Supplemental Documentation

Workshop 1-6 Q&A and Commitments  Tracking

Workshop 6 (8 November 2017)

Supplemental Documentation

Workshop 6: Discussions

Workshop 3 (7 December 2016)

Supplemental Documentation